Monday, January 02, 2012

Christmas 2011 - New Year 2012

We spent a fun filled Christmas week with friends new and old in the Swimming Pool (East Hollandaise Cays, San Blas).  There were many parties beginning the day we arrived and culminating with a big bash on BBQ Island Christmas day.  This was attended by approx 60 cruisers and friends with food supplied by all providing a great variety of treats.  We had a reverse draw for Christmas presents which lasted a couple of hours and Kaija’s Potluck Carrier was a coveted item and changed hands many times along with a hammock donated by Lannie and Ian Sv Kadoona, new friends from Australia.  There was music, singing and dancing and the local Kuna’s joined in the festivities.  There were presents for the kids and a bountiful food hamper provided by the cruising community…all in all a Christmas to remember!

          Christmas 2011 on BBQ Island San Blas...what a Joyous occassion!

New Year’s party was hosted by our new friends Rixzeene, Steve and puppy Olivia Sv Pogeyan (currently in the Marquesas) with birthday cakes served in honor of Kaija’s birthday.  A fun time shared with fellow cruisers as we bring in the New Year with a New Year’s Baby.

New Years 2012 aboard Sv Pogeyan with hosts Rixeene, Steve and puppy Olivia (as seen in previous picture bottom right above)