Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Sailing Adventures of KaijaSong

These are the sailing adventures of KaijaSong, a Beneteau 50 sailing sloop and her merry crew of Three...Captain Gary, First Mate & Admiral Kaija, and Salty SeaDog 'Doc'.

Come join us as we travel the world visiting ports of call starting in Trinidad in December 2004 as we travel around the globe over the next 10 years.


Jan said...

Hello all from a landlubber from the north who has just gotten her wings back. The boat and Ki look beautiful, the boys look like boys and what a wonderful way to be able to follow the adventure! I promise to keep track better, safe sailing,

Joan from Vancouver said...

Great blogging! An interesting read and good way to keep track of your activities. I like the picture from your 1992 crossing. It's always fun to "escape" the routine and see what you are doing on the high seas and what treasure chests you are finding....Arrr, Arrr. Joan