Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cucumber Beach Marina and Resort - A real Belizian Treat!

Finally, Kaija was returning to the ship after her extended trip, arriving by way of Belize City so Gary and ‘Doc’ kept moving, arriving the next day at Cucumber Beach Marina, just south of Belize City. Kaija arrived the next day and what a reunion. We spent three wonderful weeks at this marina, in large part because of the warmth and generosity of the staff and people there.

Paul, the DockMaster was kind enough to take us for an inland tour of Belizian ruins. The local children were quite taken with Doc and we spent many fun hours with our new friends Torrey and Barb on S/v Litbe.

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J said...

heading to cucumber beach marina belize next week...can you share more about your experience? how was safety/security in the area & the surrounding cayes?