Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cartagena Continued – January – March 2008

Most of our time spent in the Caribbean has been in idyllic paradise island settings. This is by design and we have found the beauty and offerings of privacy and tranquility on this ‘road less travelled’. So we looked forward to our big city visit to Cartagena and the romance and intrigue of its ‘old walled city’. It has not disappointed and is a treat in architecture, antiquities, stone fortresses, scenery, culinary treats, great music and wide eyed friendly ‘amigos’ everywhere you look.

We arrived just prior Christmas and enjoyed the beauty of the lights and the spirit of the season and wonderful music. There are still lights, the music is continuous and as spring approaches there is a good dose of romance in the air as couples young and old meander along the waterfront. It is a wonderful place for a complete immersion in a foreign language experience.

Now before you go thinking that ‘they are living a life of leisure eating bon bons all day’…this is not the case and as in all things there is the balance of Ying & Yang…it was about to be ‘our time of the Yang’…if you know what I mean.

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