Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cuba - Cayo Siju Anchorage – N21.56 W083.31 Jan 5 – Jan 18

This anchorage is a wee bit tricky to get into from the north as you need to negotiate a few sticks in the very shallow water to pass into the anchorage.  Altho the sticks are easy enough to spot, following them directly is not the way to go…it requires a bit of dog-legging to work your way thru into the south side of Cayo Siju.  There you will find wonderful long white sandy beaches and a small cabin inhabited by the ‘park rangers’.  There are three rangers at a time, exchanging weekly with a second set of fellows.  The ones we met first, Daniel, Gerry, and Yariel.  The second shift was Daniel, Louis and Ramon.  We were there during the period of cold fronts coming down from the Gulf of Mexico and it was clear that these guys were not prepared for the in-climate weather.  We had collected spare blankets and pillows and were happy to see them put to good use.  Talk about making friends for life.  They could not have been more generous with their time and again more Longosta…these ones were getting big.  Kaija made a birthday cake for my birthday and we shared it with the guys and enjoyed long daily walks on the beach and collecting shells.  It wasn’t long before they were collecting shells for Kaija and came by daily for their visit with Doc who did his best not to chase their pet Iguanas…not always successfully, but in the end it was all fun as those big long lizards can really move on their short wee legs when they need to.  Doc had fun, lots of exercise and we all shared a lot of laughs.

After spending a couple of weeks in this picturesque place we left with our freezers full and 6 new amigos.  This is a great life!

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