Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cayo Herradura N10.59 W 065.22 Nov 20 – Nov 23

This small cay is located on the western end of Isla La Tortuga and is predominantly a sand bar with a small gathering of fish camps, a lighthouse and is a favorite weekend retreat for mainlanders of Venezuela.  There is little here other than a safe anchorage in bad weather.  The waves can roll virtually right over the island in bad weather.  We enjoyed a brief stop here resting up after our adventuresome departure from Cayo Cubagua and our first episode in 6 yrs of cruising being snagged in a local fisherman’s net.  The highlights of this story include Gary being pulled off the boat by the net as he attempted to cut it loose only to have it snag him and allow his safe return to the boat.  Our friends on Peking were as unlucky and also got tangled in the fisherman’s net and after a couple of tedious hours of cutting away finally found freedom.  We would like to think this was an accidental ‘snagging’ however with the number of pirate incidents one is never quite sure.  However, as the saying goes, ‘all’s well that ends well’.

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