Sunday, June 19, 2011

Five Bays – Ensenada Gayraca, Colombia – N11.19.200 W74.06.47 Feb 9 – 12, 2011

After a lovely 24 hour downwind run under headsail only we arrived at Five Bays Colombia.  This unique landfall is easily equated with the Norwegian Fjords in its formation.  With high surrounding Santa Marta Mountains the deep water bays make for well protected anchorages.   The surrounding elevations also make for interesting wind patterns as a continual series of short high gusting winds sweep down from the high hills over the water from most every direction.

We were met onshore by a local name Renaldo Garcia who has lived here his entire life.  His local knowledge makes him a favorite amongst cruiser passing this way as he offers his services as a guide.  He was proud to show us his boat card collection which numbered into the hundreds of which we were pleased to say we knew many and ours is now amongst his collection.  We also provided him with a new Canadian flag as the one he had was in tatters.  He was proud to display it along with his other collection of country flags.

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