Monday, July 25, 2011

Linton Panama N09,36 W79,35 April 18 - Present

The good news for us after losing our company and buddy boating friends is that our good friends John and Jeri Mv Peking arrived from Cartagena.  

MV Peking, John and Jeri

 It was a fun reunion as we got caught up on the news in their world.  Unfortunately for us, Doc’s health was failing so we decided that we needed help to regain control of his symptoms and so we headed west to Colon to meet up with our friend and Vet Dr. Sandy Sv Littlebit.  She quickly reviewed the medicine protocol and made some slight adjustments that seemed to make a world of difference for Doc.

Dr Sandy, S/v Littlebit
 We have been in Linton now for the past couple of months and Kaija has found a ladies group that enjoys domino’s on Thursday.  There is also ping-pong and a social on Sunday’s at a local Ex-pat name Bennie.  She is quite an amazing lady having foster homed three sloths, Thunder & Lightning of the two toed variety and Digger who is a three toed sloth.   
"Lightning" & Bennie

  Never having had the opportunity to get close and personal with a sloth it was great fun to meet these very gentle quiet mammals. 

Kaija with "Digger" and Gary

They love to be held and cuddled and become quite attached to their human protectors.  Thunder resides with Bennie’s housekeeper and is quite protective of her, Lightning lives in Bennie’s bedroom and has his own tree to live in there.  Digger lives in the kitchen sitting by the kitchen window enjoying the beautiful vista of the Linton Bay.  Bennie is a very special lady with a huge heart and giving spirit.  These three sloths are very lucky to have ‘found’ her. 

Kaija has been in Vancouver for the past month visiting family and Doc and I have had a wonderful time just ‘resting’ and being close.   We recognize that there is no cure for Doc’s Lymphoma and each day becomes a little more of a struggle for him as he slowly loses his strength and his battle against this dread disease.  I spend as much time as needed each day caring for Doc giving his meds to hand feeding and taking him for his dinghy ride to shore where he enjoys sitting in the cool shallow water and just resting.  Then getting him back aboard, dried off for his next sleep and a few hours later repeat the process.   He is a wonderful companion and so easy to Love and spend time with.  

Doc & Gary

 Upon Kaija’s return this week, we will head back out to the San Blas Islands for a few months and spend as much time as possible in Snug Harbour at “Doc” Island where he enjoys the shade of the swaying palms, the clear cool water and the soft white sand.


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