Thursday, August 30, 2012

KaijaSong bids Farewell to the San Blas – Panama Aug 2012

After spending several seasons coming and going to this magical place it was finally time for us to bid farewell to the beautiful Kuna Islands of the San Blas, Panama. 

This grouping of idyllic sand and coconut palm treed islands called the San Blas are a vast archipelago on Panama’s Caribbean coast composed of over 340 islands stretching from 77 degrees 25 minutes West to 79 degrees 4 minutes West over the eastern part of the continental shelf.  Worldwide they are unique in many ways, home to the indigenous Kuna Indians, who have best preserved their culture and traditions out of all the tribes in the Americas, yet being reachable by small airstrips built by the North Americans during the Second World War. At the same time you have one of the most untouched stretches of virgin rain forest and a cruising ground of incredible beauty, all in the same place.

The Beautiful San Blas Islands, Panama

We will long remember our days spent here, all the friends we met and good times had.

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