Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shelter Bay Marina, Colon, Panama – Sept 2012

Shelter Bay Marina is located in Colon at the entrance to the Panama Canal on the Caribbean side.  Shelter Bay and the surrounding buildings and airfield used to be part of the Fort Shermin US Military Reserve.  The marina is surrounded by a controlled access national park with virgin rain forest. It is most recently famous as the site of many of the action shots in the 007 James Bond action thriller ‘Quantum Solace’.

While it boasts at being a world class marina and does offer some needed amenities, its strength as a marina/haulout facility lies in the fact that it has no competition.  Therefore, they are the only game in town and tend to treat you as such.  There have been some improvements under the new management of Marina Manager John (formerly of Club Nautico, Cartegana), however, as a World Class facility, they have a long way to go especially in the area under the direct supervision of Yard Manager Dave.  In the 8 yrs and 4 haulouts we have had, we received the most damage in this yard.  It was expensive and once they had our money (you must pay up front) yard Manager Dave was reluctant to assist us and in particular in dealing with the necessary reparations required to repair damage caused during re-launching of KaijaSong.

The only real good news here is the food is good, but also expensive.  The location of the Marina is inconvenient for shopping, except they do offer shuttle service into Colon.  Everything is al la carte...so bring lots of cash or a good credit line, and good luck!

Shelter Bay Marina, Colon, Panama

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