Sunday, April 15, 2012

San Blas Island – Panama, Jan – April 2012, Part 3

With the higher than usual wind we had some terrific sailing days and with the winds out of the north it was beam reaching all the way.  The kind of days we sailors dream of.

And as a farewell to us, or so it seemed, we had a rare and thrilling moment just as we were preparing to hoist anchor and the leave the ‘Hot Tub’ anchorage in the San Blas.  Gary noticed the water ‘thrashing’ on the left side of the boat.  We were the only boat left in the bay and calling Kaija to the deck we watched as pod of dolphins (approx 12) lined up in rows, with the largest at the back, maybe half of them…then the next line up there was four…then at the front line…two or three that were literally roiling in the water showing their shiny bellies… and as we watched we witnessed two baby dolphin births…it was a spectacular moment... a very special moment will always remember. 

A rare moment... a dolphin birthing in the San Blas!

We are preparing for our land based excursion to Peru in April and will spend 5 weeks touring that beautiful country with our friends John and Jerie Milici Mv Peking.

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