Saturday, May 10, 2014

Maupiti – May 5 – May 9 2014

30 west of Bora Bora we found one of the last of the Society Islands, Maupiti.   To visit this island by boat demands relatively calm weather.  Otherwise the surge and ocean swell thru the one ‘pass’ is prohibitive.  We carefully waited for a weather window for our visit and even so, found this entrance thru the reef to be the most butt clenching experience we have had in our 10 years of cruising.  With huge ocean rollers all around you, there is little margin for error coming into this narrow opening in the reef. 
 However, once thru…one finds a place less travelled and a vista worthy of a William Wordsworth poem.  With giant Manta’s guiding you thru the stick marked channel you arrive at an anchorage just beside village church with bells tolling peacefully. There is an airport here used mainly by the locals and there are few tourists.   
We were one of only two boat in the anchorage.  The other boat was Sv Itchy Feet with Alex and Maria a lovely couple from Austria, out to see the world.   
 The locals greet you with warm open smiles and are eager to assist in giving directions to wherever you wish to go…the directions are simple…”it’s just two minutes that way” as they point up or down the village road which is the road less travelled and three hours will circumnavigate the entire island.    
 There is not much to see or do on Maupiti but a visit here is like a balm for the soul.  A perfect place of Rest, Maupiti = Tranquility.

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