Monday, May 16, 2016

KaijaSong on a Mission of Mercy - visiting Koro, Viana Bay, Qamea, Budd Reef and Also Island and calling Da Man!

On May 14 We departed Savu Savu.  We knew of the devastation that had occurred in other parts of the Fiji Islands.  We had items on board that we knew would bring relief to those who had sufferred as a result of Winston.  After spending the past couple of months in Savu Savu doing salvage work it was a nice break to get away for a few days, do some sailing and see some of this beautiful country.  

In the company our new cruising friends from Germany Constantin, Urte and their two adorable little girls, Louisa and Paula we sailed south to Koro.  It was dark when we arrived and we were fortunate to find the only two moorings in the bay as it was a deep anchorage.  The following morning we departed for Viani Bay which is on the big island just accross from Taveuni Island.  We arrived and were welcomed by Mr. Jack who is a third generation Fijian/European who loves to spend time with cruisers.

The next day Jack guided us out to Rainbow Reef (reported to be one of the planets top 10 dive locations) to dive the White Wall and the Fish Farm with Constantin while the girls enjoyed snorkelling the shallower parts of the reef. 

It is sad to report that despite it's reputation, the dives were somewhat disappointing.  There were no large fish and the coral was only barely alive.  How much of this was a result of the heavy weather damage caused by the cyclone, Global warming, the return of the Ice Age?,  or the overfishing of this entire region by a population that is more concerned with today's catch than tomorrows resources, only time till tell, but it is not a healthy trend.

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