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KaijaSong Christmas – Savu Savu – December 2016


A Wonderful Life


It’s Christmas Time Again and most likely by now most of you are overwhelmed with last minute shopping, running to and fro trying to find that special gift…baking, wrapping, putting up trees, lights, bobbles and decorations, and basically going just a little crazy.  Somewhere along the way you are doing your best to find that elusive Christmas Spirit and make this Holiday Season the best possible for your family and friends. 

Ok, I’m almost exhausted just writing that paragraph.  Am I the only one, or does it seem to you that Sometime, Somehow, Somewhere the real true and lasting meaning of Christmas got lost in the hustle and bustle of the Santa Shuffle.

I know it doesn’t seem right to not to participate in the ongoing commercially acceptable traditions of buying more.  More Stuff, More than last year, More Bigger, More Better,  and More often than not, Way More than will fit under the tree just to provide the required and mandatory allusions that we are all living a Wonderful Life.   Do we really need all that stuff???  Is this really the meaning of Christmas?? We know Better!

I don’t wish to come off as the Grinch who stole Christmas, and I understand the inherent guilt that goes with this view point, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could all just stop the Rat Race, Get off the crazy Treadmill, Stop this spiraling cycle of Guilt, and get back to the values that were intended to be Christmas.  Aside from what we all know and have heard since birth, there was a Child Born who grew up and gave the Ultimate Gift so that we might all Live the Good Life. And even if your religious beliefs differ, we all have the wee small voice of Goodness within reminding us that to Give IS Better than to Get…reminding us that the values that were so beautifully portrayed in that terrific old classic Jimmy Stewart movie, It’s a Wonderful Life are values not to be set aside and forgotten, regardless of how busy and frantic our lives become.  For those of you who may never have seen this movie, if you really want to get in the Christmas Spirit it really is ‘Required Viewing’ and a must see.  It portrayed the value of True Giving, of yourself, your time, your love. When a single gift, wrapped with love was enough.

While I am doing my best not to rant, or sound like an old Fogey, or a wayward preacher who lost his congregation, I know I am too late, but when you spend time away from the ‘Rat Race’ as Kaija and I have for these past 13 yrs, and when you live among folks who humble you daily with how little they have and how happy they are, it is almost embarrassing to remember our life living in the Land of Stuff and the need to have More…just for the sake of having it.  We have learned that you can live with less, much less and still be Happy.

As stated, this is our 13th year living this wonderful Cruising Lifestyle.  It is now our second year here in Fiji waters.  We have visited almost every island in this South Pacific Paradise.  Certainly one of the biggest events in our year was surviving a major Category 5 Cyclone Winston.  Believe me when I say…Once is enough!  In the past months we have been places and seen sights that seemed otherworldly, but thru it all we have been reminded time and again of the resiliency of the human spirit.  It has been a year of sadness turned into Joy.  In short it has been a Wonderful Year for us.

Kaija and I have been blessed beyond measure.  We are fortunate to enjoy good health.  We have wonderful friends and we are Truly Living Our Dream. 

This will be our last year in Fiji.  We look forward to visiting the Lau Group of islands before setting our sails and sights for destinations west as we continue our adventure and quest to see as much of this small world as we can.

We send out our Best and Warmest Wishes to each of you, regardless of your persuasion, creed or religion for a very Happy Holiday, a Blessed and Merry Christmas and a very Happy Healthy New Year.


Kaija & Gary


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