Friday, December 08, 2006

Belize it 'or not' - oh what fun!

November has been spent in Belize. We said our goodbyes in the Rio and met new friend fisherman Antonio who taught us how to clean baby conch...mmmm bout the best conch fritters known to man! The weather has not really cooperated for us to go out to the reef, but we are enjoying the time in Placencia, Sapidilla Lagoon , Lagoon Cay, and Spruce Cay. We are traveling with Mesqua Ukee and Litbe. We have had many wonderful evenings of laughing, playing cards and music with Queen Mary. Gary has now caught his first fish that we were actually able to eat – catfish for fish and chips. On leaving Sapidilla Lagoon he also caught a 6 –10 pound cobia – which we shared with Litbe and had two great meals. Spruce Cay provided for another lesson – cleaning conch. I was not present but Gary says it was messy but oranges helped. So now we are fully versed in catching and cleaning fish and conch. But lobster is still the easiest to clean of all of them. Posted by Picasa

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