Friday, December 08, 2006

Friends!!! - Belize - December 2006

It’s all about the people you meet along life’s journey that make the difference in experience. We have been so blessed at each stop along the way to meet the most incredible people who are all doing what we are doing and so there becomes quite a bonding almost immediately in the known shared loves and nuisances of life afloat.

Aaron and Lyla (S/v Blow Me Away) are a terrific example of getting it done when you are young. They have a system of cruise and work that allows them now to enjoy some wonderful stops along the way. They both have a passion for good food and good music and it’s been said on more than one occasion, that BMA is ‘sound powered’.

Sonny & Kay (S/v Valentina) are from Texas and embody the soft dulcet tones and southern Texas drawl that make them immediate friends upon 1st greet and meet. Sonny has more fun in one hour with a suitcase full of harmonicas that most grown men do in all their lives. It is great fun to spend time with he and Kay.

Tom & Lyette (S/v Mesqua Ukee) fellow Canadians from Quebec. Gary and Tom shared more laughs fixin everything from ‘One Pull 2’ (outboard) to sorting out of the mysteries of Universe as relates to Refrigeration on a Boat. As talented as Tom is in the workshop, Lyette can whip up some absolutely delectable nibblies from her galley…and…. did I mention she helped solve the secret a good thick Pizza with a ‘crisp crust’. Tom shared his Conch skinning secrets he’d learned from Gene (S/v Queen Mary) and so the knowledge was passed on. Gary was able to share a little secret of how to clean lobster in two steps.

Also enjoyed some fun evenings with Mike and Glenda (S/v Moon Slipper) also fellow Canuks who are old hands at this and have pretty much perfected the art of ‘life aboard’.

Torrey & Barb (S/v Litbe) whom we met at Cucumber Marina months ago. They have purchased land in Belize and will be developing lots with a dredged canal for boat storage. The project will keep them busy for some time and we wish them terrific fun and success and look forward to hearing of the progress as we will look forward to returning some day and being Guests of Alegria Point Resort.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner on the Beach in Cay Caulker cooked by ‘Jolly Roger & His Sister”…they cooked Red Snapper on the BarBee with Garlic Toast and mashed potatoes with Fresh Pie for desert……… does life get any better?…good food, great
scenery, exceptional friends!

Spending an evening with Gene & Brenda (S/v Queen Mary) and Brenda’s mom, Helen, was a real treat. Not only are they a wealth of information given their years of cruising these waters, but can they make music. Gene has his electric Bass and Brenda’s Electronic keyboard all wired for sound and along with Sonny on his Harmonica, and Gary trying to blow along on his, or strum along on his little ukulele or hit the keyboard, it was a night of fun and laughter with some great singing by the Singin All nite, Ain’t Sit Tight, Holy Ghost Revival Choir (that was everyone present who wasn’t playing a musical instrument) singing at the top of their lungs, everything from Gospel to the other two kinds of music, Country & Western. Posted by Picasa

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