Saturday, January 27, 2007

Fresh Fish is soooooooooo Goooooood!

Our days on the reef were filled with lots of swimming and fishing by spear, commonly referred to as hunter/gatherer exercise. Well, Gary had to learn sometime, it is year three after all, but with great enthusiasm and more than enough floatation, in he jumped and lo and behold, he hit something!!…and he even learned the art of filleting the catch…can it get any better? …all Kaija has to do is put a little fire to it and Voila…. ‘Catch of the day’ par excellence!…and I must admit…Kaija’s cooking can make anything taste good, but it isn’t as hard when it is fresh caught and just melts in your mouth…Grouper, Hogfish, Snapper, Trigger, Conch, Lobster…shall I continue ?

…we even discovered a place where you can catch Saltwater Catfish and after announcing the fine meal of it we had on the ‘cruiser’s morning net’ there have been many who have traveled out of there way to make the catch.

Trolling is another matter…and Gary is still working on his ‘junior trolling fishing badge’, altho he can claim victory over a very nice 30” Cobia (looks like a small shark) which is a firm white fish of the finest taste. (Note*…apparently Cobia like Catfish as well, he was lured with a pink squid with a catfish tail attached)

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