Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hole in the Wall - Jonesville Bight - Roatan - Bay Islands - Honduras - Central America !!!

It is a wonderful thing to reach a strange new land and yet not be a stranger. The people here are so very friendly. We were greeted at the mouth of the inlet by our friends Sonny & Kay, S/v Valentina and Bob & Peggy S/v Adagio who made anchoring fun as we jostled for ‘position’ closest to the internet WiFi antenna at “Lucky” Larry Wood's home and WoodSide Marina on the point, offering WiFi and laundry.

Our friends, Don & Yvonne, have made our stay here very comfortable and convenient. It seems they know everyone and everyone seems to know them. They purchased land here in the mid ‘90’s from one of the original island families and they have been accepted graciously into their new neighbourhood. It is a real treat watching their dream come to life as Don’s designed Beach Home takes shape. Our first day visiting their new building site, we we had just climbed up the constuction ladder and were standing on the second floor admiring the the amazing vista from east to west, every sunrise and sunset....mmmmm..., when to our surprise, who should climb up the construction ladder to join us, but ‘Doc’…who is not one for being left behind, but sure enough he did climb it all by himself. Now, going back down was a little different story, but after some pulling, pushin and prodding, he made it.

Kaija arranged a surprise birthday party for Gary and it was a great afternoon of fun. Somehow she managed to bake a cake without Gary knowing!!!! Seems incredulous…but she did it, then while Gary and Doc were taking their afternoon shoreparty, the dingies started arriving en masse and our friends Aaron and Lyla, S/v Blow Me Away, came sailing into the bay making the guest list even better. I did have to admit, that Larry did spill the beans when Gary stopped by and Larry asked, “Where are you going, I thought you were having a party for Kaija at 2 O’clock?”. Larry is a fellow Canadian and easily confused :o), but he was smart enough to purchase land here and build a lovely home and dock which he shares with fellow boaters. (party pictures )

Last Friday, Don and Yvonne hosted a wonderful beach party at the setting of their new home. The local children swam in the bay and we enjoyed a potluck BBQ with local fare like deep fried breadfruit…you have got to try this stuff…salted and sprinkled with lime…. I think I could eat an entire tree! (Did I say that?) It was all great fun getting to know and share with other boaters and locals alike.

We are in the process of waiting…(remember I said process) for a few items to arrive (mail sent in August 2006) to reach us. We missed it in Guatemala when it arrived after we departed in November. We have been trying to get it since. For those of you who really NEED convenience in your life to function…I am telling you now. DO NOT TRY THIS!!! O’K…now you can say you were told! This lifestyle is really one of Mind Over Matter…. and, if You Don’t Mind…. It Don’t Matter!!!!…. Take for example, .hot water on demand….taking out the trash…going for a walk…TV…convenience store…ice…checking your email…finding a cash machine that takes your card….(traveler’s cheques do not work!!!!!)…oh and did I mention…getting anything delivered to you. FORGET ABOUT IT!!!

Ok…so you get the picture….just remember….Mind Over Matter.!!!….which I think at it’s essence you are either completely numb to any thoughts or feelings, or you’ve finally reached Nirvana, take your pick!

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