Monday, March 19, 2007

Come along and enjoy the Roatan Island Tour with us!

We arrive in Roatan to a gorgeous sunrise in the westend of Roatan. There is a cruise ship waiting to come into Coxen Hole, the main city on the island and we are sailing along side her until she pulls in and we pass by. We try to anchor in French harbour, but decide against and continue to Jonesville. Here we anchor off Woodside Marina and meet Larry. He is most welcoming and he has WiFi that reaches our boat. There is a small gathering here on the first evening with Adagio and Valentina. We are also greeted by Don and Yvonne. During the time we spend here, we get to see most of the island by land with our hosts – Don and Yvonne. The next little town is Oakridge - where we can shop for vegetables and groceries. Passing by there is Calabash and then the end of the island where you can see Rose Island and Helene. The north coast is so different from the south side, long spectacular reefs, and beaches. Camp Bay is one of the longest and is used by the locals for special Easter festivities – they camp here for the weekend. This eastern end of the island is more remote and not well developed and not that many tourists, but then you come down to the West End and here are your hotels and resorts. Fancy and costly. Most of them are all inclusive and you don’t have to go anywhere. Diving and snorkeling are the main activities – along with sun tanning.
There are many dive resorts on the island and out of the way places, but visiting the Old Port Royal of the pirates was like stepping back in time.

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