Monday, March 19, 2007

Barbareta! - Talk about your private island!


Barbareta is a privately owned island of approx 500 acres…with it’s own private air strip and stables for the horses…not a bad life you might say. Boaters and cruisers are not exactly welcomed with open arms, but the anchorage is safe for a Norther and there is no issue with being there. The real attraction, other than watching local brightly coloured parrots in the shoreline branches singing at the tops of their little lungs, and seeing the horses come to visit ‘Doc’…was the hunting/gathering/snorkeling/shelling available in the anchorage as well as Pigeon Islands a small group of sand spits out in the deep water where it is fun to go and shall we say “put out the invitation’ to dinner’ to the local fish populace hoping that some big ‘ol fat grouper will find my ‘swimming technique’ irresistible and become our honored guest ‘for’ dinner.

We spent a few days enjoying this wonderful place then headed back into Jonesville for are final goodbyes and provisioning as we are now heading to Guanaja, the most eastern of the Honduran Islands to check out of the country and into Vivorillos a very isolated small group of Islands a couple hundred miles further east before we can turn the corner and head south toward Panama.

We have enjoyed Honduras, the climate, the scenery, and most especially the people who have been warm hearted and made our stay here a memory of a lifetime!

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