Friday, April 20, 2007


Jonesville Departure 16.23N 86.22W March 21 2007

With saddened hearts we said our farewells to the many new friends in Jonesville. This included dear Gladys whom we met thru Don & Yvonne and does great laundry…thank you Gladys. We had fun visiting the Iguana farm run by owner Sherman Archer whose life work is saving this species. Since it is a local menu item, his challenge is great, however, he encourages locals to bring him anything over a foot length and he trades them for a chicken, a win win situation. It was amazing to see his ‘preserve’ of these wonderful animals, parrots, monkeys and other animals indigenous to the island.

Our farewell dinner was at Mi Gato owners Jurgen & Stefani Derer from Germany…via Canada, oh my…what a meal and a wonderful setting amongst her gardens.

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