Friday, April 20, 2007


Providencia 13.22N 81.41W April 8 April 15 2007

Sailing the 211 miles Providencia took 29 hours. During our passage we caught three fish, a small tuna, a 31-inch Spanish mackerel, a 37-inch barracuda, which we released. Between watching for fish and holding his bladder I am amazed at how Doc manages to ‘keep control’ altho there is some dispute whether this is a correct description during the ‘fish landing’ process. He is quite simply beside himself…and when the fish is landed, photographed and measured he sits enguard by the bucket with ‘his’ new prize.

Providencia’s check in procedures includes a visit from Mr. Bush and Elvis. Truly, that is their names and not only did they make the check in painless, but Mr. Bush was there to accommodate everything from laundry, to island tours and fuel if required.

Providencia is so laid back and joined to Santa Catalina island via walkway that lead to a lookout spot where Capt Morgan built his fort in defense of his pirate hideaway. If you look close you can see his image in the rocks.

We departed Providencia at midnight on April 15 for a wonderful nite passage to San Andres, the Hawaii for the Columbians.

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