Monday, October 15, 2007

Cayo de Agua –N09.10.665; W082.03.308

This small perfect jewel of an Island is home to a few of the very lucky. One of those is our friend Daniel who arrived here from Peru 4 years ago. He now owns a piece of this private getaway and was kind enough to invite us to spend some time with him at this very private retreat. Along with our friends Aaron and Lyla on S/v Blow Me Away and Worth his wife Natalie and daughter Kayla we celebrate Gary’s Birthday (Gary from S/v Sea Feather). This island is home to a variety of nature’s unique wildlife including lime green frogs, snakes and green chickens??? Must be something in the dirt, turns everything green, including us with envy… a beautiful spot to stop and relax. This is also just a short hop from Zapatilla’s Cays which offers some of the nicest white sand beaches and snorkeling to be found anywhere.

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