Monday, October 15, 2007

Escudo de Veraguas –N09.05.423; W081.34.425 Oct 3 – Oct 6 2007

This is an island that time forgot. It reminds you of Jurassic Park (without the dinosaurs). On our way there we were joined by a Hitch Hiker Moth (not sure that’s his technical name, but you get the idea) 8 inches across and not at all intimidated by Doc. Again joined by our friends on BMA we enjoyed the almost complete isolation from any kind of civilization (except for the ‘turn left’ road sign in the middle of the water) We enjoyed snorkeling is some of the most unique caves we have ever seen. Doc was sporting his T-Shirt which provides sun protection and keeps him cool. When you are big ‘ol black dog in the tropics, it is important to not only look cool, but to be cool. Doc had great fun chasing lizards and enjoying the cool clear waters. Gary had fun catching a big ‘ol Bonita tuna…can you say Sashimi? that’s some good eats.

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