Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mamitupu – Traditional Kuna 09.11N - 077.58W

For those of you interested in the traditional Kuna lifestyle you might find a visit to Mamitupu just the ticket. This island is home to a traditional Kuna village as well a small resort Las Cabanas Waica Mamitupu. The general manager Pablo Perez M. is an extremely friendly English/Spanish speaking host. He along with his wife will take care of you. There is a small airport just across a narror channel on the mainland that flies out of Panama City. Do not expect satellite TV or air-conditioning…but you can expect to enjoy the best homemade coconut oil soap and just bout anything else made with Coconut oil. This is a place to bring a good book, hang back in the hammock and let the world go by. You can contact Pablo at or and by email at or

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