Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Summer 2008 – Kaija Finland, Gary & Doc Wally Lodge – San Blas Islands 09.32N 78.54W

It’s that time of year again for us when Kaija returns to Vancouver to see family and travel with her father to Finland. She will be gone two months and has adequately provisioned KaijaSong for her absence so that Doc and I can return to the San Blas and hang out with our Kuna friend, Augusto at the Wally Lodge situated in the Western Lemon Cays on Tiadup. Augusto makes some of the best sour dough bread you have ever eaten and so I made sure that we had sufficient flour and yeast aboard.

Each day for Doc and me would start with Coffee made aboard and fresh bread made by Augusto and he and I and Doc and his two little canine buddies Kimba and Negritta would discuss the weather for the day and world events. Keep in mind I speak no Kuna and Augusto only a few words of English the conversations would have the occasional lapse which was fine and allowed time to really enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Wally Lodge also offers great sand beaches, hammocks under the coconut palms, and some of the best snorkeling we have enjoyed to date.

For those of you who would like to experience Wally Lodge and are not sailors, it is accessible via a short launch ride from the airport at Porvenir. They currently have two cabanas with three more under construction. Typical fare is $70 per person per day. You can find further information at and contact email is The general manager is Juan Antonio Martinez.

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