Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Copan Ruins

The site is one of the largest in Central America and the pieces that have been unearthed and preserved are wonders not to be missed.  The site has also built a museum for some of the pieces and to give you the history here.  One unique piece is the Rosa Lila, it is located under Temple 16 and represents the best preserved stucco building in the Maya civilization.  It is replicated in the Museum at the archeological site.

Altar Q, right hand picture, depicts the 16 members of the Copan Dynasty.
The ball court, bottom picture, is the second largest found in Central America.  This game was a 3000 year old Mesoamerican sport that may have originated with Olmecs and thought to symbolize a struggle between day and night deities or the battle between the gods in the sky and the lords of the underworld.

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