Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kaija & Denise’s Great Copan Escape Nov 20 – Nov25 Copan, Honduras.

This was a girl’s trip away from the boys and boat chores for a few days of girly fun in the sun exploring a visit to the past of Mayan Culture.

Kaija and Denise (of S/v South of Reality) provisioned up for the boys and headed off on their Great Copan Escape.

The trip started early in the morning from Utila via the local little ferry to La Ceiba
Then we were boarded on the luxury Hedman Alas Bus Line – you can purchase first class seats for $5 more – one way trip was $30. They give you large seats, food and beverages.

This was a girl’s trip away from the boat and boat ‘duties’ for a few days of girl stuff and Denise and I had looked forward to this getaway adventure and were in heaven for this trip. We saw groves of palm trees, for palm oil, orchards of oranges, fields of peppers, and all were being picked manually and then carted off by ox powered wagons.

The town of Copan Ruinas is small and beautiful, the people generous.
During the end of corn season, end of November, the children of a small village near Copan sell dolls made of the corn husk. The colours are all natural and hand died.
All the money goes back to the one village to help their local economy. The dolls were about $1 to $2 each and the children smiled a lot.
One side trip took us to the Hot Springs about 2 hours from Copan. The scenery was beautiful and the water was hot. One of the pools even had natural mud to give yourself a facial. The Hot springs were an all day visit to enjoy the water, as well as some of the Mayan replicas put into place.

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