Thursday, October 21, 2010

Admiralty Bay, Bequia N 13.00 W 01.14 June 13 – June 16

We had planned to stop in Blue Lagoon, St. Vincent which is where we purchased KaijaSong.  However, after a beautiful day of sailing down the Island coast we approached Blue Lagoon as the winds were picking up and saw that it was ‘chocker full’…with hardly enough room to squeeze in anywhere and more boats looking abandoned than we cared to anchor near. So with Bequai in site and enough daylight to make it, we sailed on and arrived back in Admiralty Bay, the home of the great Canadian Pizza.

We have lots of good memories of Bequai and so we were destined to add a few that maybe weren’t so good. Our dear and beloved Windlass decided to pack it in. Of course they don’t talk to you to tell you what the problem is, so you just start pulling things apart, (along with pulling your hair out) as you try to determine, electrical, mechanical or misc elements to your dilemma. Finally after a lot of grunting and sweating, I determined that I should not be getting gas exhaust out of the back of my electric motor….but that’s what happens when the seal between the motor and the gearbox fails…another lesson learned, but not soon enough as this windlass is now history…we will limp to Trini for repairs or maybe even a NEW windlass…along with a long long list of other things needing to be repaired or replaced. I can feel the chequebook wining already.

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