Thursday, October 21, 2010

Saba N17.38 W 63.15 May 21 May 22

This is must stop must see for the un-initiated. Kaija was determined to stop and climb the 400 stairs to the customs house…Doc and Kaija did it (I watched from the safety of the dinghy with a good book in hand). For all you Vancouverites…Kaija says it reminds her of ‘the grind’.

We grabbed a mooring ball and didn’t stop rockin and rollin till we dropped the line the next day. The water was rough and even getting Doc ashore proved challenging.

With pictures taken and the climb finished, we were only a little happy to finally turn the corner south as this we about as far east as we needed to get before finally getting the wind on our beam for the ride to Trinidad and parts in between.

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