Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Easter Island Dec 4 - 10 2013

Easter Island Dec 4 – 10 2013


Easter Island (Rapa Nui) has been on Kaija’s bucket list for ever.  It is those magical, mystical row of Moai that you have seen in classic photos of the South Pacific. 

It is believed that the first islanders arrived either from the Marquesas, the Mangarevas, the Cooks or Pitcairn between the 4th & 8th centuries.  In our experience we definitely saw the similarities to the Marquesans.

It was exciting to see the statues and our native tour guide was great and it is worthwhile taking the guided tour, albeit one gets the idea that each tour guide has their own script as there is no definitive answer as to how these huge carvings came to be.  Rapa Nui people are fiercely proud of their history and culture, and strive to keep their traditions alive. 

We spent 4 days on the island, en-route from our Road Trip of North America back to the Marquesas.   This was more than enough time to see the sights and experience the culture of this island.  If you plan to visit keep in mind there are no showy resorts, just a smattering of family-run pensions and the accommodations reflect the easy going atmosphere. 

Here are the highlight photos of our Easter Island Adventure.




We are ready to catch our late night flight to Papeete where we will connect at 6:30am to the Marquesas and back to the boat.
See you there!

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