Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Return to Nuka Hiva and Christmas Dec 2013

After being away 4 months we were excited to return to Nuka Hiva, our new friends and our home, KaijaSong.  Stepping aboard was like we had never left.  Kevin and Annabella and their two wonderful children Esmeralda and Tehau had done an amazing job of boat sitting and KS was just as we left her. 
The days between our return and Christmas flew by with work projects and the daily celebrations and festivities that are such a part of the island life during this special season.  We enjoyed it all and the days flew by.  Then it was finally Christmas Eve.
Having come from the ‘land o’ stuff’ we were laden with Christmas gifts for all and we were excited to see their reactions.  It is true what they say that it is better to give than to receive, the joy and watching the little ones open things so completely unexpected.  Albeit the humble offerings we brought seemed trite by comparison to the warm hospitality and love this family had shown us during our time on their beautiful island.  The spirit of Giving is alive and well on Nuka Hiva and it was a very Merry Christmas for all.
Christmas Nuka Hive 2013

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