Wednesday, January 01, 2014

News Year Celebration 2014 – Kaija’s Birthday

We sailed a short distance from Taiohae Bay to Daniel’s Bay to join friends Cheryl and Rene Sv Gypsy Blue and Marie & JP who hosted the New Year’s Eve party aboard their lovely Motor Catamaran Domino. 
New Year’s Day, being Kaija’s birthday, seemed the perfect time to exorcize the New Year’s Eve demons by making good on at least one New Year’s resolution…more exercise…ha…which meant a hike to Vaipo Waterfall, 2000 ft, making it the second highest on the planet…how’s that for resolve. 
They claim the hike is a short 2 1/2 hours with a few stream crossings included. Hahahaha, dreamers, how about 4 hrs. up and down slick jagged rock face and portaging a raging river with water up to your skivvies and you just hangin on…to anything you could including your skivvies. 
It was a beautiful day and we were not only rewarded by incredible scenery but with an amazing lunch provided for us by Monnet and Mathius a local couple who were both host and hostess extraordinaire. 

If you need citrus to travel, this is where you will find it.  We were loaded up with limes, pompamous and bananas and there are also mangos in season.  We were completely satiated and it will be a birthday Kaija will not soon forget….more memories…what a place!

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