Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tahaa - Society Isl, Fr Polynesia Mar 25 - 28 2014



If you visit Tahaa, try to find the time to visit the above places, they are well worth it.  The Coral Gardens are some of the prettiest shallow water snorkelling you will ever experience.  Visiting the Pearl farm is a real education as is the Vanilla bean plantation.
We made one other stop that held a certain significance for us.  Leo’s restaurant was a place we visited in 1989 on our first visit.  It was unique in that it had only 6 tables Leo was a happy newly wed.  They had a 600 lb pet pig named La La with a great personality who would move from table to table to visit and be hand fed.  The food was excellent and very reasonably priced.  Unfortunately for us on this visit, Leo was not quite as happy, La La was no more, the restaurant was fancier, the food was good, the prices astronomical dare I say outrageous.  If it’d hadn’t been a nostalgic fix it might have been downright disappointing.  Oh well, not all things get better with age.  However, on balance, we found Tahaa to be delightful.


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