Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ra’iatea, Society Isl, Fr Polynesia, Mar 18 – 24, April 5 – 23 2014

Ra’iatea is a great stop in Fr. Polynesia.  It has a terrific boat yard/marina facility CNI, Raiatea Carnage where you can haul and store your boat or take advantage of the many tradespeople resident in and around the yard.  It is also a great spot to provision, with many Yacht Charter companies on the island the grocery stores are well stocked, you have choices, abundance of fresh produce and the prices are reasonable.

The people of the island are very friendly and if you need to get someplace, just thumb a ride, you won’t wait long before some smiling local picks you up and tells you their life story.

There is a terrific anchorage on the lee side of the island near the west pass with great snorkelling and excellent fishing/surfing nearby.

Kaija also found a really good deal on another Black Pearl at a little shop upstairs of the local fresh fruit market.  We also re-kindled our friendship with Brent and Ana Sc Impi whom we met in Nuka Hiva last year.  It was great to see them again.  The evening sunsets are spectacular and the entertainment is provided by the local rowers.

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