Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dec 9 - 16 Mbua Bay to Savu Savu

We enjoyed a wonderful week relaxing in Mbua Bay snorkelling and saw large gardens of soft corals…not so many fish but the viewing was awesome.

On Dec 16 we departed in light winds and calm seas for Savuna Point midway along the route to Savu Savu.  This is a small anchorage because of the reefs but it was a great stop with excellent snorkelling and shore hikes.  Our first mishap of the season occurred when Kaija determined that we were filling up with water in the wrong place.  After quick inspection we discovered that that the hose coming from the water maker membrane had burst….the good news is we were not sinking and the bilge was getting a good fresh water rinse.  The bad news is we had no ability to replenish our fresh water stores…this was a problem but not insurmountable as our next stop was Savu Savu where we could make repairs.
We arrived in Savu Savu Dec 19 and found Mr. Curly (aka Santa Claus) waiting for us on his Lucky Mooring #3 which was to be our home for the Cyclone Season and would prove to be a very safe haven.

     The very Lovable Laughable and Likeable Curly Carswell 

After making fast and saying our howdies we got settled in.  Within a few days we had received a replacement hose from Suva and repairs were completed on the water maker.  It was now time for Christmas and fellowship with fellow cruising friends both old and new.

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