Wednesday, June 29, 2016

June 29, 2016 Savuna Pt – Bua Bay – S 16.52 E 178.34

This was a perfect sailing day!  Every so often in a sailors life ou have a perfect day. No, they are not all perfect, so when you have one, you relish it.  We were sailing downwind inside the reef in very settled water and roughly half way along our days passage the fishing line started singing.  We had just rounded Coconut Pt. and were feeling somewhat lacking in our fishing prowess…despite having a few nibbles in the past few weeks, we had not landed a thing.  But this time was a keeper.  We could tell we had a nice fish on the line…he was pulling hard…and then…the line went slack! OH NOOOO….SAY IT ISN’T SO!.   We started reeling in the slack line and then we felt a slight tug…could it be?  Kaija was committed…she wanted her fish.  She began doing her fish dance, reciting all her best fish jokes (did you hear the one about the fish that got away?...IT WAS SOOOO BIG!...) no doubt you have heard some rendition of it from any or many of your fishing buddies.  To make a long story short…Kaija landed our first Walu.  13.5 lbs of the best tasting fish you will ever sink your teeth into.  

The Walu is found in Fiji waters…long and sleek like a Wahoo, but fatter in the body with a distinct blue stripe running along the body from shoulder to tail.  It has a mouth full of teeth and is sometimes referred to as a Dog Toothed Tuna.  It is dense white meat and a real tasty treat!

We continued on to Bua Bay which was a return visit for us…having anchored here on our first passage from Viti Levu to Savu Savu some months ago.  This is a quiet well protected anchorage that offers some very nice snorkeling.

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