Saturday, July 09, 2016

July 7 – 9 2016 Bua Bay – Cukuvou Harbour, Yadua Island, Fiji S 16.49 E 178.17

This passage was relatively short albeit thru uncharted waters.  Despite my desire to catch fish which would prove more likely if we cut thru the reefs into the Bligh and then back again into Yadua Island, we elected to stay inside the reef and keep a sharp eye for any disturbed water, a sure sign of shallows and hidden reef.  I charted a course that would take thru one skinny patch of water surrounded on both sides by shallows and steep reef walls.  Sure enough, we were rewarded with our second Walu.

Altho slightly smaller than Kaija’s catch, it was just as tasty.

I had just finished filleting out that fish, cleaning up my gear when the reel started spinning out again…hahahah it was to be a double Walu day…hey what can I say…some days it just goes your way.

We rounded the North West corner of Yadua Island and pulled into Cukuvou Harbour.  This is Paradise.  Not another soul around…beautiful soft water and white sandy beaches, snorkeling was excellent and the anchorage pristine.  We had this all to ourselves and fresh fish for dinner.  Time to Count our Blessings!  To be sure, for us, it’s a Wonderful World and a Wonderful Life!

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