Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bocas Del Toro, Panama 09.19N 082.10W May – Sept 2007

Bright and early on the morning of May 1 we set off with BMA with a good bit of breeze on our way south to Panama. The wind died around midnight and we ended up motor sailing the rest of the way, finally making Bocas just after noon on May 2.

Having just finished the book ‘The Path Between The Seas’ written by David McCullough we were very excited to finally be here. This is a country filled with tremendous history and is a place of rugged beauty and friendly people. It is an ideal Hurricane ‘hole’ and a safe anchorage and from a boaters perspective, there is almost anything you could want or need by way of provisions, although, not necessarily true for boat parts.

From a tourists perspective, it is a backpackers paradise, with a good many inexpensive ‘Hostels’ available and lots of places to see. It is an undeveloped country with tremendous potential and one only has to spend a short while to witness the amount of money being invested by foreigners and a new real estate office every second door.

The eating is good and has been recognized as being in the Top 10 places to go for combination eating and natural beauty.

We had fun exploring all the water holes on Lyla’s (BMA) birthday and making the rounds and meeting new friends.

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