Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dolphin Bay (Green Frogs abound) 09.11 N 082.13 W May 17 – 20 2007

Dolphin Bay is located just a short distance south of Bocas town and is just what it sounds like. As we sailed thru the cut, we were met by a pod of happy dancing dolphins. Doc was in puppy heaven as he pranced and paced up and down the deck trying his best to talk back to his little dolphin buddies. We spent a couple of nice days in this bay visiting with Mary and Carl S/v Camryka who are building a new home on the shores of this bay and also visited with David and Linda (ex-boaters) at their home called Green Acres, also known as the Chocolate Factory. They have 30 acres of cocoa plants and David has turned this into his hobby farm making organic chocolate. They provided us with a lovely walking tour of their small plantation and witnessed ourselves the process by which he produces some excellent tasting chocolate. His production facilities are rudimentary at best and looking around his small workshop it is hard to fathom that he produces the quality and quantity he does. But the proof is in the eating and it is ‘some good’.

Also, here, amongst the old shelled out cocoa husks we found the ‘Green Frog’ approx twice the size of our Little Red Frog. It was from this Little Green Frog, that David and Linda picked the name for their property, thus, Green Acres. We were able to enjoy one very nice dive and saw a tremendous example of Starfish coral unlike anything we had seen before. Between the hospitality, and the natural splendor, it was a very worthwhile visit.

This is an easy place to get two, by boat or plane, with daily flights to/from Panama City. One of the benefits of spending time here, is the number of places you can go and see, either by water taxi, (Changuinola, Alimarante) or train, or bus (San Jose, Costa Rica $10) and a number of small quiet anchorages when you feel you need a ‘getaway’.

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