Thursday, August 30, 2007

Red Frog Beach (Short Cut) 09.19 N 082.10 W

We soon heard of Red Frog Beach, Dolphin Bay, Starfish Beach, all of which were a must see. So off we went.

Red Frog Beach on the island of Bastimentos is a windswept stretch of beautiful white sand beach and surf. Our main goal was to find the elusive Red Frog. These little creatures measure no more than the size of your thumbnail. They are bright red with black spots, but are elusive and difficult to find. The natives in the past have used these little Red Frogs to make their poison darts. It is rumoured that one frog has enough toxicity to kill upwards of several hundred people. We walked the entire beach and finally on the resting spot, we found one, well, actually we heard one then found him.

This is also a beach where the Loggerhead and Leatherback turtles come to nest and lay their eggs. Although we camped out two separate nights at high tide, we did not witness them come ashore, although, the next morning you could clearly see the tracks of two or three very large turtles that had ridden the high tide in, laid their bounty of eggs, (upwards of a 100) and floated back down the beach as the tide receded. This is one of a few different beaches in this area where these Turtles come to nest and just one more reason to come for a visit.

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