Friday, January 02, 2009

Cayos de Albuquerque – N12.09 W81.50 December 6 – December 11 2008

The weather has not been on our side and finally on December 6, 2008 we head out towards Albuquerque Cayos. This will be an overnight trip and all is ready.
On arriving in the Cayos, after several squalls and motor sailing almost the entire trip, we arrive. There is a new commandant here and new procedures. We are hailed on channel 16 and asked to report into the island. The military has a base here. Sometimes army sometimes Marines. This time – marines. They are swimming to our boat before the dinghy is down. Wilson is the one in charge and asks Gary and Byron to go in and show papers. No problems, just a formality.
Over the next few days, the marines are going diving and fishing with Gary and Byron, catching all kinds of fish. They especially enjoy parrot fish and as they did not have spear guns, and we did, their supply was greatly increased. They also checked our anchors and helped us move when the weather changed. They were perfect hosts and showed us the island with the many amenities that they had. Gym, fresh water swimming-showering area and the beautifully cleaned and lined paths were only a few of the things we saw.

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