Friday, January 02, 2009

San Andres – N12.34 W81.41 – December 11 – January 2 2009

December 11, we leave for San Andres. This is a short run of about 30 miles and we anchored by 1 pm in the harbour. We had stopped here on our way down to Bocas Del Toro about 1.5 years ago, so it was not new. Rene came out to the boat and we arranged to do out check-in later that day.
We rented a golf cart to tour the island and this is a great way to see it. You can take your time and it does not take a tank of gas. Of special interest were the blue lizards. We looked high and low for them, found a green one (the female) and then finally one of the blue males. They are not real bright blue but I believe that they are molting and when that is complete, the true colour will appear. Of course during our tour, Santa hats were worn by all – Byron, Denise, Gary and Kaija.
The folks here in San Andres decorate the city and there are many tourists here for the holidays.
Just before Christmas, s/v Dragon Fly – Rick and Cindy joined us in the anchorage.
A gift exchange and dinner were planned and a good time was had by all. Even Doc had his usual place under the table waiting on his share.

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