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Colon to Isla Linton - N09.20 W079.54 November 2 – December 6 2008

Well we are on our way. The final provisioning has been taken care of and we are set to go for two months. We left Colon, November 2, 2008 and decided to stage out of Isla Linton. The angle is better and it is a nicer place to sit and wait for weather.
We met some new friends and were reacquainted with some old ones.
We listened to music by Yoel on s/v Brahms as he played his grand piano. Yes, he has a piano on board his boat and it was actually sent down from Toronto. Yoel has a brother living in Canada and during this time his mother was visiting from Israel.
After listening to beautiful music, what could be better than a pizza? Betty and Owen on s/v Hiatus offered to drive us to their favourite place and we enjoyed a great pizza and a wonderful drive on the mainland of this area of Panama. It is something that we do not always see as we are out on the water.
By now it is Thanksgiving ( American ) and we are still waiting on weather. As we had planned, we had turkey. Dinner was on South of Reality, Denise and Byron. We first met them on their honeymoon in Luperon, Dominican Republic in 2005. Denise was able to find a special Mola for this occasion.
As always, we have unexpected visitors. The little birds come to visit and this time one had a broken wing, rested with us for a short time. One evening just before sunset, Doc and all are coming back from his walk and see this “ball” in the water. On closer inspection, it turns out to be a very large and dead puffer fish. The monkeys were up to their usual tricks. Kaija decided to show Denise how to feed them without incident, but that was not what the monkey had in mind. The monkey noticed that Kaija was only giving one piece at a time from her bag, and that was just not good enough. A short battle for the bag took place, and the monkey won.

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