Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Word or Two regarding Mal de Mar!

For those who are not sailors I will try to explain a little of the process of ‘getting your sea legs’...which really means getting your body system in sync with the motion of your new world.  This can be a gentle process aided mostly by prevailing wind and wave action causing the somewhat erratic movements your body is exposed to.  Sometimes, however, with bigger winds comes bigger seas and this can cause conditions that can be uncomfortable at best and life altering at worst.  Mal de Mar (motion sickness) affects different ways and can be quite debilitating to the poor victim.  There are different remedy fixes...including the ‘patch’ which Kaija wore years ago and had bad side effects affecting her vision.  Other’s subscribe to a diet of non greasy foods and others still are convinced if they just focus on the horizon, from my experience, I can tell whatever you can to avoid it...once you start down the slippery slope of the cold sweats...a lot of swallowing....closing your eyes and going one who has experienced this side of’s not fun...however, thankfully for us...Kaija & I have developed our sea legs sufficiently that we are not affected by the motion unless it is severe...then all bets are off.

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