Saturday, April 27, 2013

Perlas Islands Farewell - Puddle Jumpers Here we Come - March 2013-04-25

We will long remember the Perlas Islands for it’s rugged beauty, diverse wildlife, it’s beautiful and sometimes rolly anchorages, the best fishing EVER and losing our dinghy motor.  Our favorite stops were Isla Bayonetta and Espiritu Santo where new friends were welcome.

These guys are a lot friendlier than they look...I think?

One spot we quite enjoyed was at the bottom end of the Perlas Island chain.  Altho not the best anchorage the restaurant/resort located at the southern end of the privately owned Isla San Jose was a delightful stop.  They have incorporated a bird sanctuary housing 18 beautiful hand raised Blue & Gold Macaws. 

Blue & Gold MacCaws


Along with our friends JP & Marie MC Domino, we were treated to special attention from a very smart little Toucan named Paco and a very nicely presented meal as we were both celebrating wedding anniversaries.

 Paco giving JP a peckin :o)...up close and personal

JP and Marie are the proud owners of a beautiful 65 Power Catamaran.  They moved to South America for three years and supervised her construction.


Before departing the Perlas Gary and Greg went fishin....boy did they go one afternoon Greg and Meg Mv Wetbar landed 47 lbs of fish.  The next day Gary and Greg landed 56 lbs and the next morning, Gary landed 41 lbs....all from the dinghy...what a hoot!...needless to say the boys are sworn to secrecy as to where this particular fishin hole is located exactly :o).
Oh Happy Day!

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