Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Galapagos...where do you find a Mechanic???? HELP

Now for the fun part...gettin this stuff the Galapagos????

And here’s where the news gets goods, or at least as good as it can get when you are at the mercy of a mechanic...his name is Ronnie...he’s just a kid...quiet, polite, and man is he good.

He had the transmission dismantled, off in his hands in less than a half hour....are you kidding me????

I was still struggling to remove the hi output alternator, which we discovered had seized...when you see your double pulley belts kinda melted to the pulley....good clue the bearings are shot!. it off...and away Ronnie went...muttering something about my clutch damper plate ‘no bien’.   Turns out the clutch damper plate was broken, Ronnie thought he could fix it...turns out he couldn’t...he’s what...he tried...however, what he was smart enough to do was to call mainland Ecuador and order a new one.  This was on a Friday arrived by air the next day....THE NEXT DAY!!!!...he had the alternator fixed already...and was back on Monday to install the transmission...I said something about could he look at the fuel lift pump...and working without being able to see what he was doing...he removed the pump...took it home and returned the next morning fixed like new.   Ronnie is a genius!  Much thanks to our good friends Jim and Carol on Sv Somerset for that recommendation.

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