Friday, April 30, 2010

Cabo Rojo, Dominican Republic - April 14 N17.50 W071.37

We arrived in Cabo Rojo after 118 easy motor sailing miles in very light easterly winds and comfortable seas.  Again, timing is everything in passage making…but in our experience cruising the south shore in the lee of the trades is the way to go when heading east.   Upon our arrival in this old Bauxite mining port town, there was only one other sailboat in the large bay and it wasn’t long before the local boat arrived carrying the officials.  While this process is made somewhat more difficult because of language, we had Luis with us who is native to Dominican Republic and it wasn’t long before he had everything in order which was no small feat and included a call to a Navy friend who enabled the signing of ‘important’ documents and we received our Zarpe or Importation Permit to travel in Dominican Rep waters. 

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