Friday, April 30, 2010

Eagle Bay Dominican Republic, April 14 – 19 N17.50 – W071.37

It was noon when we weighed anchor and headed nine miles south to Eagles Bay.  This is a destination location for people of the Dominican Republic.   There are miles of beautiful white sandy beaches with a number of camping sites, under every shady tree and weekends are a big time here as it is a number of hours for most DR’s to drive being on the most western shore of their country.

This was a great stop to rest up.  We enjoyed lazing in the gin clear water which was the PURRRFECT temperature…whatever temperature it was…it was perfect.  Kaija & Doc enjoyed long walks gunk holing the beach. The wind piped up so we decided to just relax and enjoy this beautiful picture postcard surrounding.

Finally, the winds lightened and we decided to head the 19 miles south east to the southernmost tip of DR…the one most sailors dread because of its known for it’s  unseakindly state most of the time as our new friends Tony and Suzie can attest as they had gone on a couple days beforehand when the wind was blowing 30 kts with 15 ft seas.

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