Friday, April 30, 2010

Salinas DR, April April 20, N18.12 W070.32.

Salinas is where Luis has his home.  As we arrived in the early morning hours passing the large fish farming nets leading into the bay, Luis was met on the marina dock behind his home by his man servant Mellow (pronounced MAYYO)…and we watched with a smile as Sofia got off the boat and kissed the ground…then quickly had Luis and Mayyo unloading her suitcases…she was happy to be back.

This is a wide open bay tucked away inside a peninsula where fishing and fish farming are the economy.  Luis home was built with a very open plan and an additional tower of two extra levels for hammocks and star gazing.  He has two pools with a third under construction and his property is ideally suited next to a marina and a helicopter landing pad.  It is adjacent to the Salinas hotel which is quite busy for such a small place. 

Luis opened his home to us like we were family and we enjoyed the next few days lazing in his pool…getting pampered by his manicurist…snoozing in the hammocks strung about and eating great meals most of which were prepared either in full or in part by Chef Luis.

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